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The AUT-1A project team says goodbye

Mith the last conference, the project is rapidly coming to an end. The Team Projekt AUT-1A says goodbye to its readers and contributors and says THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for supporting us!

THANK YOU for your criticism and advice!

THANK YOU for enriching our project!

THANK YOU for contributing by answering the interviews and questionnaire!

THANK YOU for visiting our specialist days!

THANK YOU for showing interest in this topic!

The final report will be completed by the end of 2022. Our results from the 27-month research period can then be viewed.

In the course of the project, we generated, among other things, the website for companies, but also for all other people who would like to learn more about autism. Here you can find information about autism and work and some resources to help the employer.


The materials are certainly not complete, but it is planned to successively populate these pages.

We wish you all the best!



Symposium of the AUT-1A project in the BBW Abensberg

The 18th Abensberg conference "People with autism - employees with added value for your company!" provided insights from the AUT-1A project.

She pointed out perspectives and wanted to encourage companies, with a little courage, to give young people with autism a chance as highly qualified specialists in their company.

Image Fachtagung_edited.jpg

The Rosen Group in Lingen successfully employs autistic people

The Rosen Group has been successfully employing autistic people in the field of IT and data analysis for a few years. "Autistic people are special - the Rosen technology group is also special," says the Rosen group of companies in an interview with the Lingen daily newspaper. Read more about this in the press article.

Autistic people as employees: research project AUT-1A

Autistic employees and companies tell how inclusion can be successful. Be inspired with our video!


In conversation with t3n magazine

Autistic people are often marginalized at work. Employers benefit from them - not only in IT. 

Experts agree: the problem is not the diagnosis, but prejudice and ignorance.  

dr Katrin Reich had an interview with t3n magazine about this, but read for yourself!

Away with misunderstandings

This is the name of an article in the Rundschau from September 18, 2021

Working autistic people often have a hard time, and so do companies that employ them. The AUT-1A project aims to support both sides. 

"People with autism - employees with added value"

We are very happy about the article about our project in the newsletter "Bestellungssache" of the Employment Agency. 

The Employment Agency, together with our scientific project manager Dr. Katrin Reich an interview on our planned conference topic "People with autism - employees with added value". But read for yourself….

Publication of our winners

As part of our survey, the winners were drawn on November 16th, 2020 from all participating companies who wanted to try their luck. Five designer stools were raffled, which were made by hand by trainees in the carpentry workshop at BBW St. Franziskus Abensberg.


In the meantime, project employees from the vocational training centers BBW St. Franziskus Abensberg, Bugenhagen Timmendorfer Strand and Christophorus Werk Lingen were able to hand over these great stools to our winners.

The winners are…

drum roll!!!!

  • Bärenbäck Bakery in Saal on the Danube

  • Health and Disabled Service GmbH in Lübeck

  • pro move GmbH in Heiningen

  • Jet Systems GmbH in Cologne

  • Unfortunately, the last winner did not agree to publication.


Congratulations to all winners and enjoy your new designer piece!

Winning image1.jpg
Winning image2.jpg

Questionnaire action: drawing of the winners


Our nationwide questionnaire campaign has meanwhile been completed. We are currently evaluating all the feedback. 

As a thank you for taking part in our employer survey, the project team and the overall management of BBW St. Franziskus Walter Krug came up with something special in advance.

It was decided to raffle five beautiful handcrafted designer stools, made by trainees in the carpentry workshop of the BBW St. Franziskus in Abensberg, among the companies.

For this purpose, the media design training department of the Bugenhagen vocational training center on Timmendorfer Strand created very attractive postcards that were enclosed with the questionnaires.  

On Monday, November 16th, 2020 the time had come. The raffle took place behind closed doors.

A big thank you goes to our two trainees at BBW St. Franziskus Abensberg for drawing the winners.

All winners will be notified in the next few days.

Be curious!


"BBW of the Christophorus-Werk Lingen researches autism in the working world"


Read the IHK Osnabrück article on our research project (page 37).

"Thinking strategies with added value"

This is the title of our project presentation in the IHK Regensburg newspaper.

More inclusion in business

A report on our project AUT-1A by member of the Bundestag Florian Oßner (CSU). 

questionnaire action

Dear employers, we are thrilled.

Thank you for all your hints and replies! Please keep up the good work so that we can gain a lot of insights!

The questioning begins


The questionnaires have been packaged and will be sent to some companies in the next few days.


Please join in diligently! This is the only way we can achieve good results and develop and provide helpful materials for you.


Thank you very much!

Autism National Conference in Lübeck

06.03. - 08.03.2020


The 16th Autism Bundestag Conference of the Federal Association of Autism Germany eV met with great interest from exhibitors and visitors on the subject of “Autism – Disorder or Strength”.


Thanks to Mr. Frese, we had a small stand right in the entrance area, which was well attended. There was always a lively exchange about our project and about autism and work in general, and we received a lot of positive feedback on the project.


In addition, one of the scheduled speakers was absent on Saturday, freeing up 45 minutes of speaking time. Ms. Kaminski and Mr. Frese took the opportunity and gave us the opportunity to present the project in this context. Even if there was hardly any preparation time, a presentation was quickly updated and adapted accordingly. Luckily, the team had all the relevant data on a stick with them. Prof. em. dr phil. Matthias Dalferth and Dr. phil. Katrin Reich took over the part of the lecture and closed it with a short question and answer session. Not only were questions asked, but also some ideas and suggestions for the project were brought in, which made us really happy.


Many thanks to all visitors and interested parties.

Your AUT-1A project team

Autism Germany published a contribution to our project


The second threshold - from qualification to sustainable employment of young people with high-functioning autism on the general labor market with special consideration of the company perspective (Project AUT-1A)

Financial support

Better job opportunities for autistic people


Presentation of the research project AUT-1A in the Central Bavarian newspaper.

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