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Positive testimonials from the companies

"An asset, not a burden"

Tatjana Börger, Head of Human Resources at NOWEDA, explains in an interview why she chose her autistic trainee Raimund Magg and explains why he is an added value and an enrichment for the company. An article from the employer magazine Factor A of the Federal Employment Agency.

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"Just dare!"

Markus Neumann is a master baker and owner of Bärenbeck in Saal an der Donau with six shops. He has employed an autistic pastry chef and is doing very well with it.An article in the business newspaper of the Mittelbayerischer Verlag.

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"Autism: He quit as a chef – and is now solving complicated IT problems"

Autistic people are often marginalized at work. Employers benefit from them - not only in IT. Experts agree: the problem is not the diagnosis, but prejudice and ignorance. Stefanie Lawitzke, head of the "Autism at Work" program at the software company SAP, describes on page 2 how companies benefit from autistic specialists.  A three-page article from T3N Magazine. 

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