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The Team

Project collaboration of the individual vocational training centers:
Tanja Ederer (BBW Abensberg)
Hanna Schleper (BBW Lingen)
Hannelore Kastorff (BBW Timmendorfer Strand)

Scientific support:
Prof. Dr. phil. Matthias Dalferth (OTH Regensburg)

Scientific management:  Dr. phil. KatrinReich
Project coordination:              Tanja Ederer

Project management of the individual vocational training centers
Walter Krug (BBW Abensberg)
Frank Surmann (BBW Lingen)
Inka Kielhorn (BBW Timmendorfer Strand)


From left to right: Prof.em. dr phil. Matthias Dalferth, Hannah Schleper, Hannelore Kastorff, Tanja Ederer, Dr. phil. Katrin Reich

The Project Advisory Board

The Advisory Board

advisory group-large.png

A building block of our project was the creation of an advisory board consisting of a group of trainees with an autism spectrum disorder. The participants are in their second and third year of training and have completed at least one or, at best, several internships in a company. Some were even in Interlocked Training. It is important to us that the participants in the advisory group can already demonstrate experience with employment on the general labor market so that they can better assess the situation on the labor market and in companies.

The function of the advisory group is diverse. On the one hand they were involved in the design of our flyer and our website. Both should be appealing to people with autism, but still be designed to be easy to read.   On the other hand, you supported the development of the questionnaire for the expert interview and checked it for comprehension problems and readability. Furthermore, the transition to the second threshold was examined and ideas and solutions for companies and those affected were developed, and much more.

In summary, the advisory board verifies our developed materials for autism conformity, gives us input on various topics that correspond to the current state of research or questions that arise as part of our research work. The group never ceases to amaze with their creativity and really great ideas for the transition to the second threshold.

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