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Explanation AUT-1A in simple language

Dear visitors of our website,

many people with an autism spectrum disorder have a good education.

After school, many autistic people do an apprenticeship.

Some people with an autism spectrum disorder do an apprenticeship in a vocational training center or in a vocational training center.
They get help and support there. This makes the training easier for them.


You will also receive help in finding a job.

Despite this, many cannot find a job.

Others are unable to keep their jobs for a long period of time.

We think that's a pity.

We ask ourselves whether the help for autistic people after the training is sufficient. We also ask ourselves whether companies also need help in hiring and employing autistic people.


For this reason there is a new research project in Germany.

The project is called AUT-1A.

AUT stands for autism
1A stands for "excellent"

The Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Regensburg is working on the research project together with these three vocational training centers:


  • the Christophorus-Werk Lingen eV vocational training center in Lingen

  • the Bugenhagen vocational training center at Timmendorfer Strand

  • the BBW St. Franziskus in Abensberg

In our AUT-1A project, we want to find out what is important to companies.

What help companies need to hire autistic people and keep them employed for a long time. We also want to show companies how best to deal with autism.

Everyone should feel comfortable in the company and be able to work well.


This happens in three steps:

  1. Companies are asked what works well and what works less well

  2. The results from this are evaluated.

  3. After that, tools such as instructions, small films and good examples are created. The companies should be able to access these at any time in order to obtain precise information.

Another task in the AUT-1A project is to inform our country's politicians about the results.

The politicians of our country must participate and support the companies.

In this way, it can be possible for more and more companies to employ autistic people on a long-term basis.

That's our goal.

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