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Precision and Process Description - 

parts of quality management

Employers of autistic professionals often describe their precise and reliable way of working. Due to their high level of detail recognition, they can be used in error analysis in particular. For many, structured tasks that require extremely precise and error-free work are an advantage. 


In order to be able to use their strengths, they depend on clear instructions and process descriptions. Imprecise formulations lead to misunderstandings on both sides. Use this strength and uncover imprecise structures in existing procedures, guidelines, checklists, procedure or process descriptions. As a rule, the whole team benefits from a subsequent improvement and the quality can be increased as a result.

"It's not through inventions but through improvements that fortunes are made."  (Henry Ford)

"'A pastry chef once told us that once he showed his autistic employees how to dip cookies in the frosting, all the cookies looked exactly the same.' His business has been much better since then. He now says more specifically what exactly he needs, everyone now knows exactly who is responsible for what. 'He was forced to improve his quality management' says Reich, who knows many such examples. Company bosses often reported that hiring an autistic person forced them to organize themselves better." (Mittelbayerische Zeitung 09/2022)


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Autistic Raimund Magg, trainee at the pharmacy wholesaler NOWEDA, and Tanja Börger, Head of Human Resources, report on the stroke of luck they both made. An interesting article that encourages imitation (Factor A, Federal Employment Agency, 12/2021).

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