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Every company needs expert knowledge

Some employers are always pleasantly surprised at the potential that autistic professionals can bring to the table. One of these potentials relates to their expertise. Many high-functioning autistic people have one or more personal areas of interest in which they often acquire extensive knowledge. In particular, logically and systematically structured subject areas such as e.g. These include mathematics, physics, languages, music, technology, computer science and statistics. But talent can also be found in the creative and humanities fields.

In the interview, don't just ask about strengths, but also about hobbies and areas of interest. Sometimes you can be surprised with this question and use the resulting skills profitably in the company.

"The greatest talents often lie buried out of sight"       

 (Titus Maccius Platus)

In-depth information:
Please click the video.

The video shows a somewhat exaggerated job interview with an autistic woman. Her remarkable abilities were not recognized at first because the conversation turned out to be somewhat difficult. For the company, the conversation was actually over, but then... Let yourself be surprised! 

The bottom line is that as an employer or HR manager, one should not jump to judgment - especially when it comes to professionals with an autism spectrum disorder.

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