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The target groups

  • Severely disabled girls and women with high-functioning autism and with severely disabled status or equal treatment with differentiation according to the time of diagnosis.

  • Facilities and services for medical and vocational rehabilitation (BBW, BFW, BTZ, RPK).

  • Counseling and therapy facilities (study counseling centers at colleges and universities, counseling and therapy centers for autism (NANO, autism competence centers, specialist integration services).

  • Cost bearers of medical and professional rehabilitation (employment agency, pension insurance institutions, health insurance companies, professional associations...).

  • Organizations of autism representation and self-representation (BV autismus Germany eV, self-help organizations...).

  • Companies in the general labor market that employ, have employed or intend to employ autistic women, public sector employers and the Autismus corporate network. 

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Integrationsfachdienst (IFD) non-profit GmbH

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