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Dear visitors of our website,

Autistic women often have more disadvantages at work than autistic men. That's what scientists who have studied the subject at length suspect.

Is that so? What are the reasons for this? That's what we want to find out in our research AUT*CIA.


The title of the research is:

Equal opportunities for severely disabled women with HFA/AS in working life.

HFA = High Functioning Autism

AS   = Asperger Syndrom


The abbreviation of our research is:AUT*CIA

      AUT = autism

      CIA = equal opportunities in working life


The research will be conducted from 04/01/2022 to 09/30/2024.


The research group consists of 5 people.

They work in these institutions:

  • Vocational Training Center "BBW St. Franziskus Abensberg"

  • Integration Specialist Service "IFD Nürnberg"

  • Vocational Advancement Agency "BFW Hamburg"


Prof. Emeritus dr phil. Matthias Dalferth from the East Bavarian Technical University in Regensburg supports the research project.

He has a lot of experience with the issue of autism.


We also keep asking people with an autism spectrum disorder about their experiences and opinions. 

We get a lot of different information from it. These help us to get good results.


We interview people with an autism spectrum disorder at work. We want to find out whether there are inequalities depending on gender.

Two surveys are planned:

  • A questionnaire is created for the first survey. This is distributed over the Internet in blocks or forums on the subject of autism. It is also sent to various organizations by e-mail or post.

       Die Organisationen sollen den Fragebogen an alle Autistinnen und Autisten, die sie kennen weiterleiten . 

  • In the second survey, we will speak directly to working autistic people. 

Hopefully we'll get a lot of opinions and results.


In the next step we would like to create materials and help for autistic women.

The hot pursuit for autistic women at work should be less.


We also want to inform our country's politicians about the results.

The politicians of our country should support the autistic women and also the companies.

This is the only way to succeed in reducing the disadvantages of working for autistic women.


That's our goal.

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