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Particular strengths of autistic professionals

Autistic professionals can enrich your team with their remarkable skills! This is also shown by the results of the nationwide employer survey of the AUT-1A research project. Many companies have described their employees on the autism spectrum as extremely precise and reliable. 

The following is an overview of possible strengths and skills of autistic professionals:

  • level of detail

  • Tendency to think logically

  • Great openness/honesty

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Great loyalty for the company

  • language skills

  • Visual thinking (thinking in pictures)

  • special interests   

  • High memory through pattern thinking 

However, these abilities do not apply equally to all autistic people, since their own personality and their own area of interest also play a major role. 

Also read the interview with master baker Markus Neumann from Saal an der Donau. He has employed an autistic confectioner and shares his experiences. quite simply

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More detailed information: 

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