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Autism and Innovation 

How does that fit together?

People with an autism diagnosis perceive our environment and the resulting information differently. In the visual area one speaks of a "special eye for details". People without autism tend to see the big picture first and only gradually see the individual details. In contrast, people on the autism spectrum first perceive many details, make unusual connections and then put them together to form their own and often completely different overall picture. They question existing processes and optimize them according to their ideas. As a company, you gain innovative approaches and can create forward-looking ideas.


Keep an open mind and always listen to your autism professional's perspective. As a company, you can benefit by allowing unusual perspectives.

"Everyone said: It's not possible. Then someone came who didn't know and just did it." (Goran Kikic)

In-depth information:

Read the interview by Sally Maria Ollech, member of the Diversicon management board, why, in her opinion, autistic people bring innovation to the company and enrich the working world.

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