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Internal support options 

First, you get ten recommendations that can make collaboration easier:

Communicate expectations and orders clearly and unequivocally,

because idioms, phrases or subliminal statements are often not understood.

Give Regular and clear feedback on the actual and target status of work performance,

because that gives security. This step is essential, especially in the induction phase.

Create a quiet work environment

because many sensory stimuli can lead to your specialist being too distracted and unable to perform.

Create structures and rules,

because that gives many autistic people security in an unstructured world.

Take inappropriate statements and disregarded courtesies never personal,

because it may not be understood.

Name a fixed contact person,

because the consideration of who is responsible and who could be asked takes up time and energy in the event of ambiguities.

Allow unusual ways of thinking,

because that can create new perspectives.

Try in meetings to speak in turn and in turn,


because if more people speak at the same time, your autistic professional will be overwhelmed due to their sensitive sensory perception.

Do you tolerate if your autistic worker does not want to attend lunches together or company events,


because that can overwhelm them in terms of sensory and health.

Plan a little more time for the training and start in small portions that you increase,


because that helps your specialist to consolidate all work steps.

In the course of the research project AUT-1A, the project team generated two small and clearly designed brochures on this topic in order to provide you with further background information and helpful ideas. Sometimes small changes are enough to make a big impact. Let yourself be inspired.

Autism at Work - Graphic Novel

autism at work

- a graphic novel

Here is a brief and descriptive overview of a few typical situations that you may encounter when working with your autism care professional. The graphic novel is intended to broaden your perspective on the subject of autism and make typical situations more comprehensible.

Professionals with autism - ideas for workplace design

professionals with autism
Workplace design ideas

Here you will not only get ideas for autism-specific workplace design, but also some background information as to why adjustments in the work environment and in the field of activity may be necessary. Examples from our company survey complete the brochure. 

More detailed information: 
Please click on the image or the text - the PDF will open.

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