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The project team

From left to right: Prof. em. Dr phil. Matthias Dalferth (scientific support), Hannah Schleper (project work), Hannelore Kastorff (project work), Tanja Ederer (coordinator project management and project work), Dr. phil. Katrin Reich (scientific project management)

Project AUT-1A - The team and the background

People with autism are still underrepresented in the general labor market, although they usually have good school and training qualifications. Unfortunately, the existing measures and instruments to support the transition into working life and to achieve sustainable employment are not sufficient yet. For this reason, the AUT-1A research project was launched. 

AUT stands for autism - 1A for excellence. The project period was set at 27 months and started on 1st July 2019 till the 30th September 2021

As part of the AUT-1A research project, the risk and support factors for the sustainable employment of autistic people were examined and the results integrated into practical aids. Our goal was to show new perspectives for the companies and to provide solutions and contact persons. This website was also generated as a part of the project and will be continued by BBW Abensberg.

The nationwide research team consisted of the Bugenhagen Vocational Training Center Timmendorfer Strand, the Christophorus-Werk Lingen and the Vocational Training Center St. Franziskus Abensberg. The project was scientifically supported by Prof. em. Dr phil. Matthias Dalferth, OTH Regensburg. The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs took over the project funding from the funds of the equalization fund.

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